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5. Make a Request

Now, let's test it out! Open the static page we just created and ensure the PCE we set up is still running.

Identify Yourself

Enter your email and hit submit to get a blindnet token and enable the interface.


In this tutorial we disable the PRCI until a token is passed to illustrate the use of the PRCI in combination with the PCE. It is also possible to use the PRCI by itself, as we do in part one.

Build the Request

First, select an action which describes the purpose of our request. See here for a description of all possible actions.

Select Transparency to build a request about data processing information and practices.

View the Response

After submitting the request, view the response containing the requested information.

PCE Configuration

In this example, two elements of PCE configuration came into play:

  1. Automatic vs. Manual Processing: You can configure the PCE to respond automatically (or not) for each request type.

  2. General Information: Certain requests, such as the one we just made for information on the Data Protection Office (DPO), will return the same data no matter who makes the request. You can configure this information.