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2. Create a devkit application

Devkit applications are managed using the blindnet Dashboard, found on


In order to automate privacy requests, you need to have an active devkit application.

Step 1: Register

Head over to the registration page and create an account. You'll get an email message to verify your email address.

Step 2: Create an Application group

After you verify your account, first, you need to create an application group.


An Application group is a container for your devkit applications. Applications in the same group share the same authentication key but their settings and scopes are independent.
Usually, all of your applications will be in a single group.

Specify your group's name and key.


The key is generated locally (in the browser window) but you can provide your own.
Make sure to copy and save the key as blindnet does not store it. If you lose the key, a new one has to be generated.

Step 3: Create an Application

Click on the New App button to create an Application.
After the Application is created, open it from the list of applications and you'll find it's ID.

Now, you should have the Groups's key and Application's ID. We will use them in the later steps of the tutorial to authenticate the users.