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The blindnet devkit includes several services and libraries to ease storage management.

Such services and libraries are here to help you easily integrate storage capacities to your privacy stack, without needing any extensive specific development or even knowledge of other blindnet devkit components to interact with.

As such, they will help you to:

  • securely store captured data
  • (optionally) automatically interpret and execute data deletions and modifications according to the output of the Privacy Computation Engine

blindnet delivers Privacy Computation and Data Capture solutions with pre-integrated secured and optimized storage capacities so you don't have to worry about this part by default.

Yet, all features of the blindnet devkit can be integrated into any new or pre-existing stack, including storage services, to avoid any need for data migration and/or give you the possibility to finely control how sensitive data are stored, adapt the storage service capabilities to your specific needs, and ease interaction with other systems.

Two components of the devkit are here to help you do this easily: