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User interfaces for the blindnet devkit (aka Privacy Components for the Web) are delivered as standard Web Components available on both npm and a CDN.

As a consequence, installing the blindnet devkit web interfaces doesn't involve any specificity, as you can install and use them as you would with any other standard Web Component.


See Using Web Components for more information on how to integrate Web Components in your existing project.


namenpm packagehtml element
Privacy Request Capture Interface (PRCI)@blindnet/prci<bldn-priv-request>
Data Consumer Interface (DCI)@blindnet/dci<bldn-data-consum>

npm / yarn project

When using an npm / yarn project with your own build system, you can install any Privacy Component for the Web via a dedicated npm package under the @blindnet scope.

For example, run the following command to install the PRCI component:

yarn add @blindnet/prci
# OR
npm install --save @blindnet/prci

Then, import this package in the javascript or typescript file where you want to use this web component in order to register its associated custom element:

import '@blindnet/prci';

Static HTML Page

If you want to use this Web Component without any build system, just add the associated script in your document:

<script src="" type="module"></script>

Using the Custom Element

You can then use the associated custom element in your JSX / HTML template / static page: