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User Interfaces

API and Detailed Documentation

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The PC4W project uses Storybook for UI development, testing, and documentation.

Go to our automatically deployed Storybook instance for more details about each component, and to test them yourself live.

The blindnet devkit includes several user interfaces allowing users of all types to interact through Privacy Requests and developers to execute privacy-by-design and privacy UX.

Those interfaces are delivered as a collection of Web Components and JS libraries called Privacy Components for the Web (PC4W).

This allows you to embed any of these user interfaces independently in any web page or application.

In its current state, the Privacy Components for the Web project provides:

  • a Privacy Portal, allowing your users to assert their privacy rights by sending you Privacy Requests
  • a Bridge, allowing relevant members of your organization (e.g. system administrators or DPOs) to manage all Privacy Request related matters

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