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Set Up Encryption

To authenticate to the blindnet encryption engine, your application needs an application id and application key.

Application key is a cryptographic secret key which is used to sign the authentication tokens and must be kept secret (and accessible by your server).

You can get the application id and application key using the blindnet dashboard after you create a new application.


For the sake of simplicity, you can use the following application id and key for tests:

id: 3544e7cd-64a9-41b7-88dc-397bfdaeeaf3
key: zB5IiU0xzkVdsH4NMXxrF90ZISL5kJnTHlt7h/Wbi/qVhch7Fw8J5AQ5j2PazaG5q114uApZRH4X1/kTKVx0Cw==

This id and key pair is only provided for testing. DO NOT use them in production environments!