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Helping developers build trustworthy applications through privacy.

E2E Encryption in a Snap

Blindnet devkit allows to manage sensitive data using end-to-end encryption with just a few lines of code, without requiring any complex set-up or expertise in cryptography.

Follow our Quick Start guide to see how in just a few minutes, or explore the documentation to learn more.

Always Open

At blindnet, we strongly think Openness and Privacy are two sides of the same coin.

We meticulously follow the Openness Principles in all matters, guided by the Openness Framework we defined and constantly update.

Obviously, this means all the core components of blindnet devkit are Open Source, following an Open Core model. But we go further than that: except when absolutely needed, all the contents we build and work with are and will always stay available to anyone and open to contribution. This includes every important decision we take and every specification and guiding document we work with.

Making all matters easily accessible and intelligible to everyone is a top priority at blindnet. If you feel any information is missing or is incomplete, please let us know!

open source

Constantly Innovating

Our team of developers, PhDs, security engineers and DevX experts is constantly working on new ways to improve and extend the blindnet devkit.

We are always open to new ideas and suggestions, especially from You the developers, to help us build exactly what You need in order to make privacy ubiquitous.