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Helping developers build trustworthy applications through privacy.

Set-up a modern Privacy Portal in minutes

Stop using e-mail for processing Privacy Requests (not compliant with GDPR security mandates). Privacy Requests are structured at entry for easier processing.

Built as a configurable Web Component, our tool integrates easily in your web page.

Manage Requests

Review and Manage Privacy Requests / Data Subject Requests (DSR) all in one place.

View past requests and responses. Integrate the component in your own customer management tool.

Keep Track of Consents

Rich consent metadata, and our metadata language PRIV enable a whole new world of automation.

Define Retention Policies using the same metadata language as Consents and other privacy-related Events. Then apply them automatically.

Compliance Timeline

Quickly review a timeline of privacy-related events before approving a Privacy Request.

All in one place to demonstrate compliance in case of control

Automate Responses

Thanks to the PRIV metadata language, the Privacy Computation Engine (PCE) can resolve requests automatically.

PCE operates with rules sourced from privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, as well as with configuration (RoPA - Register of Processing Activities) and Retention Policies specific to your system.

Connect Storage

With storage connectors, automatically fetch data (from several sources) when your users request access to it.

Enforce decisions to accept DELETE requests effortlessly.